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Can I get a refund if I can't make it?

As indicated on your ticket, there are no refunds or exchanges. If a show is canceled, then you may seek a refund at your point of purchase.


Can we smoke?

Foxtail is non-smoking including but not limited to e-cigs, vapes, etc. in accordance with Allegheny County law.


Can I leave and come back?

Our events have a "no re-entry" policy, which means once you enter, you cannot leave and re-enter. There are beverages available on-site, as well as an ATM.


What time is the event?

The time listed on your ticket is the time that the doors will open for the show. Live music will usually start about an hour after the doors open, but that's always subject to change. Also, we don't usually know the set times, that's up to the bands to decide.


Other Questions?

Live events at Foxtail are managed by promoters. Please reach out to them directly for further questions about your show. The promoter's information can generally be found on the ticketing site where you purchased your tickets from. 


Please visit the Guest Information page for information

about our policies on entry.

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